"Flomat Pty Ltd began operating in 1974, designing, manufacturing and installing materials handling and pallet handling systems throughout Australia. The driving force behind the company is our determination to offer a range of high performance products and services that contribute measurably to the productivity of customer operations.

"Flomat is well known in the industry as a manufacturer of high quality and innovative products. Through our research and development program we have developed a range of products that are Australian firsts and superior to international competitors.

The Flomat range of materials handling solutions include Scissor Lifts, Pallet Dispensers, Docking Systems, Palletisers, Gravity and Powered Conveyors, Overhead Crane Systems, Hoists, Stackers, as well as original equipment designed to individual customer requirements.

"The Flomat design department provides original solutions through utilisation of our Research and Development skills and by referring to our extensive work history to produce a customised system of the highest quality.

"In this day and age, safe equipment in any environment is paramount. Flomat conduct safety audits on every system or piece of equipment supplied. This commitment to safety, quality and reliability has lead to an impeccable safety record over the last 25 years.