Flomat’s Auto Paint Systems bring the normally cumbersome task of painting into a compact automated operation:

The Flomat Paint Booth…


Build on the paint booth and automatically stencil your customer’s pallets with their logo using:

The High Speed Rotary Stenciller


In order to keep the machine as versatile as possible, we have engineered as many features as possible:

• Self draining of waste.
• PLC operation.
• Easily removable drip trays.
• Easily removed stencils for either changing jobs or logos.
• HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) pneumatic spray guns.
• Easily replenish paint by simply pushing a button and rolling another drum under the pump.

Paint Booths:

Efficiently spray pallets on the run…without the mess. Flomat’s Paint Booths are fully automatic and feature from operation and maintenance perspectives:

• Spraying cycle only when a pallet is present.
• Detection of pallet at both entry and exit of booth.
• External fans to extract overspray.
• Easily removed and cleaned on board filters to protect the environment.
• Easily removed and cleaned HVLP spray gun tips.


Years of development have been invested into an efficient and reliable automatic stencilling system. The sequence of operation is quite simple:

• Pallet is squared prior to entering stenciller.
• Pallet is stopped.
• Tundish heads move into pallet and rotate at a synchronized speed to the pallet whilst creating the stencil.
• Tundish heads then retract for a crisp stencil, every time.
• The operation repeats itself as quickly as 600 pallets per hour.


Prevention is better than the cure. Same theory for the stenciller. Whilst the unit is in normal operation mode and during cycles, some integral maintenance sequences are automatically carried out such as:

• Self cleaning of the teflon coated tundish and stencils using air and water to prevent paint build up.
• Regenerating paint through lines to prevent blockages.
The only personnel assisted maintenance tasks include:
• Central greasing point for all moving components.
• Easily removable filters and spray gun tips for cleaning.
• All mechanical components, although shielded from operations, are easily accessible for maintenance.