ATL Systems... Trailer loading... made easy!

“Australia’s major manufacturers and warehouse operators/retailers are finally facing up to chronic loading andunloading delays, which are estimated to be costing them anywhere from $7 to $20 million in the Melbourne dry goods market alone”

The Flomat ATL System can load or unload a trailer in as little as 7 minutes, by the driver. This reduces forktruck demand, saves time and money and the results are:

• Increased Productivity.
• Improved Efficiency.
• Faster truck turnaround.

Flomat have been servicing the materials handling industry for over 25 years. Our vast experience means you are assured of a system that best suits your needs, and your budget.

Faster loading and unloading turnaround means your trucks are out on the road... where they should be.

1) The driver simply opens the rear doors, and aligns the trailer with the dock. 2) The driver plugs the trailer into the dock power supply and pushes the button.
3) 5 minutes later, the trailer is unloaded. 4) And your truck is back on the road... collecting the next load.

Standard ATL's:

There are basically 2 standard variations of the ATL:

1) Single Tier, where loads can be stacked for efficient use of trailer space or..

2) Two Tier, where loads are too fragile for stacking and you need to make efficient use of available trailer space.

These standard variations are available in either light duty, end loading or side loading, depending on your application.

In addition to the dock, included in our standard package are:

• Trailer guide.
• Docking ramp.
• Forktruck stops.

All of this with Electrical Integration, Installation and Operator Controls will make the Flomat ATL your preferred choice.



Flomat also have a range of accessories for automated loading of your ATL, such as:

1) Infeed conveyors.

2) Scissor Lifts.

3) Bar coding.


This system will save you so much time and money in logistics, your business won't be able to survive without an ATL by Flomat.