The Bifold Table.... Pallet repair... made easy!

• Improves Efficiency
• Increases Production
• Improves Quality
Reduces Injuries !!!

The Flomat Bifold Table is being adopted by more and more pallet recyclers throughout the world.

With a range of accessories now available, it makes perfect sense for any pallet repair facility.

The entry level product comes standard with pneumatic wings for ease of flipping a pallet.

Safety is paramount at Flomat and all of our systems go through a safety audit during the design process. The Bifold Table has a number of safety features built in including:

• Automatic air cutoff in the event pneumatic power is lost.
• Skirting on wings.
• Safety pins to hold wings in upright position during maintenance.


At the end of a busy day repairing pallets, the maintenance chore is quickly and easily taken care of. Just put the wings in the upright position, clean up around the table and check for air leaks.

So, what are the options?

1) Pop-Rotate:

This mechanism, located in the center of the table and operated by the right pedal (above) allows the operator to spin the pallet on its axis, quickly with little effort.


2) Lead Board Clipper:

Located on the opposite side of the table. The operator needs only to line the pallet up and push the button:

• Two stops nearest the operator protrude through the table as shown.
• Lead Board Clipper comes forward and neatly shears the nails.

3) Lead Board Ripper:

This mechanism quickly and efficiently removes the lead-board and nails from the pallet.

4) Nail Gun Tracks:

Spring loaded cables take the weight out of air guns. By taking this option, you can repair pallets with very little effort.

Integrated Systems:  

Who ever thought that one piece of equipment could revolutionize an industry…

                                                                                                                         We did!