At Flomat, we listen to our customer's requirements. As a result, we have developed a number of machines to automatically remove slipsheets from pallets etc...

We have also developed a range of machines to clean pallets of:

- Dust and dirt.
- Glass shards.
- Steel fibres.

More often than not, it is a requirement that pallets be cleaned of foreign, often hazardous, particles, whether the pallets are timber, plastic or steel…
The system featured below cleans the external faces and the system featured on the right does the internal faces.


Both of these machines run in unison and boast may features:

-PLC operation.
-Durable wire brushes.
-Adjustable brush positioning.
-Removable trash collection tray.
-User friendly man-machine interface.
-Fast, pneumatic operation.


Quite simply feed pallets into your External Pallet Cleaner (above). The pallets are fed between two brushes rotating in opposing directions. The waste is deposited onto a collection tray that is easily removed for cleaning.

Operation of the Internal Pallet Cleaner (below) is just as simple as above, only the machine goes through an automatic sequence:

- Pallets are stopped and squared.
- The gripper, mounted to a sliding carriage, engages the front stringer.
- The pallet is moved into a pre-defined position in preparation for the cleaning sequence.
- The gripper releases the pallet and the brushes move into the pallet from both sides, simultaneously.
- Whilst the next pallet is positioned, the previous pallet is discharged.


A very simple procedure:

- Remove the trash collection tray for emptying, as required.
- Brushes are the only wearing item on this machine. Simply check the quality of cleaning from time to time and adjust as necessary.
- When the adjustment has run out, simply remove the brush assembly and replace the brushes.

We don't know who said... "Life wasn't meant to be easy"... It wasn't us!