Taking pallet repair to the next level, Flomat’s range of Upenders improve pallet repair efficiency and productivity.


The basic Flomat Upender holds a stack of 11 pallets with an additional stack of 11 pallets in accumulation and is very simple to operate.

• Load a stack of pallets onto the in-feed roller conveyor.
• Push the button.
• The “boom” raises and carriage lowers to accept the stack.
• The stack automatically rolls into the Upender and the boom lowers the stack.
• The operator takes the first pallet with assistance from the lowering device and pushes the button for the next pallet.
• The Upender automatically indexes the next pallet.


In addition to the base model and depending on production volume, Flomat Upenders can be tailored to suit your needs:

• Dual in-feed with accumulation
• Dual in-feed roller conveyor
• Stacks of up to 21 pallets high
• Continuous feed
• Auto lowering device


• Integrated safety fencing and guarding.
• PLC Operation.
• Hydraulic operation.
• Low maintenance.
• Precision rollers.
• Quick reload cycle time.
• Air assisted pallet lowering.



By simply inserting the pin, the boom is held in the upright position. Maintenance procedures are easily performed with ready access to all components.


Safety is first and foremost in all of our systems. Features include guarding and fencing of all dangerous areas yet allowing quick access via interlocking gates.